North Suburban Juniors Tennis Association

Melbourne, Australia. Founded 1962. Affiliated with Tennis Victoria.

24th Jan 2021 21:06:19 
notices - ( 4 listed )

23rd January - Royal Park TC JDS tournament - see tournament link

21st January - A Grade 3 Boys Friday Fixture
Due to a team withdrawal, the A Grade 3 Boys Friday has a special six team draw. The fixture can be downloaded here. Please do not refer to the fixture on this website, please use the downloadable fixture instead.

13th January - NSJTA COVID-Safe competition guidelines
We are looking forward to the NSJTA Season 1 2021 competition starting on Friday 29 and Saturday 30 January 2021.

To ensure our competition can be held safely, we have developed COVID-Safe competition guidelines outlining the responsibilities of players, team managers, parents, clubs and spectators.

We ask everyone to ensure they comply with these requirements.

The NSTA is looking for more teams at C Grade level for next season starting February, 2021. This would be suitable for C Grade level NSNTA mixed teams, current or aged out Juniors up to A Reserve level or parents of juniors wishing to have a hit on a Saturday afternoon.
Any questions to Ron on 93064601 or 0417041605.
If you cannot make up a full team then a local club would be able to make a combined team.