North Suburban Juniors Tennis Association

Melbourne, Australia. Founded 1962. Affiliated with Tennis Victoria.

26th Mar 2019 11:51:42 
notices - ( 6 listed )

14th March - Parking at Maribyrnong Park T.C.
All Clubs playing games at Maribyrnong Park T.C. on Friday 29th March and Saturday 30th March, please note the following:-

There may be some noise and some parking issues on Friday 29th March, while on Saturday 30th there will be a closure of Holmes Rd all day which means no parking at all next to the Maribyrnong Park Tennis club. Please allow extra travel time on these dates.

Match Committee

3rd March - A Reserve 2 Ladder and Results
Attached is the updated A reserve 2 Mixed ladder as of round 6. The result of the Buckley Park (Black) v Delahey match has not yet been received
A Reserve 2 Draw
A Res 2 Round 6 Ladder.pdf

25th February - See the tournament link for new Hume tournament series in 2019.

7th February - Team Withdrawals
The following teams have withdrawn from the competition leaving byes in the affected grades:

A Reserve 5 Mixed - Riverside
B Grade 2 Mixed - West Brunswick (Black)
B Reserve 1 Mixed - Royal Park
C Grade 2 Unisex - Sydenham
D Grade 1 Unisex - Craigieburn

29th January - Pat Pearce Shield Easter 2019 - See Events link

29th January - Fixture Changes
Please note the following changes to the printed fixture:

A Grade 2 Boys (Friday) - Team 8 is Greenvale
B Grade 1 Boys - Princes Hill is an 8:30 start for home games
C Reserve 3 Unisex - Mt Carmel has a 9:30 start for home games