North Suburban Juniors Tennis Association

Melbourne, Australia. Founded 1962. Affiliated with Tennis Victoria.

20th Oct 2018 6:40:06 
2017 season 2 - C reserve 5 unisex

grade secretary:-
Kirrily Moncur   , ,    0421648942   
1. Essendon *
2. Riverside
3. Greenvale
4. St Thereses
5. Delahey
6. Hume
7. Airport West *
8. Keilor
round 14 - Nov 18
 Airport West *145101.2
 St Thereses12898.3
 Essendon *9586.0
Rounds 1 to 7 Rounds 8 to 14
Jul 22Essendon * v KeilorSep 9  Keilor v Essendon *
Greenvale v HumeHume v Greenvale
Delahey v St TheresesSt Thereses v Delahey
Airport West * v RiversideRiverside v Airport West *
Jul 29Riverside v DelaheySep 16  Delahey v Riverside
St Thereses v GreenvaleGreenvale v St Thereses
Hume v Essendon *Essendon * v Hume
Keilor v Airport West *Airport West * v Keilor
Aug 5Essendon * v St TheresesOct 14  St Thereses v Essendon *
Greenvale v RiversideRiverside v Greenvale
Delahey v Airport West *Airport West * v Delahey
Keilor v HumeHume v Keilor
Aug 12Riverside v Essendon *Oct 21  Essendon * v Riverside
Delahey v KeilorKeilor v Delahey
St Thereses v HumeHume v St Thereses
Airport West * v GreenvaleGreenvale v Airport West *
Aug 19Essendon * v Airport West *Oct 28  Airport West * v Essendon *
Greenvale v DelaheyDelahey v Greenvale
Hume v RiversideRiverside v Hume
Keilor v St TheresesSt Thereses v Keilor
Aug 26Riverside v St TheresesNov 11  St Thereses v Riverside
Greenvale v KeilorKeilor v Greenvale
Delahey v Essendon *Essendon * v Delahey
Airport West * v HumeHume v Airport West *
Sep 2Essendon * v GreenvaleNov 18  Greenvale v Essendon *
St Thereses v Airport West *Airport West * v St Thereses
Hume v DelaheyDelahey v Hume
Keilor v RiversideRiverside v Keilor